Africa, we must go..

That is what Dean and I both are feeling. We just feel that before we adopt again, from anywhere, we need to go to Africa, to Swaziland and work in an Orphanage there, help out at the Children's Cup Care points, and THEN we feel God will show us what to do next.

When we were offered the money to adopt from Africa, it seemed like the perfect thing, the answer to my prayers but I just kinda knew it wasn't for right now. Every time I would pray I would hear "listen to that 'check', don't ignore it like you have before because everything looks like a 'God' idea, it may be but it may just not be for right now."

Back when I got the call about Bradshaw, I had that 'check' in my heart, I remember hearing very clearly, "this is not the one" but I brushed it aside and continued with trying to adopt him. I just didn't know what to do with that. I thought it couldn't possibly be God telling me not to try and adopt him, I thought it was just me being scared.

Since then I have really been trying to listen to the Holy Spirit. He whispers to me, it's soft and solid and comforting even when it's a word that may seem to shut a door I thought God wanted us to enter. When we got the call from thous amazing people that want so much to help Orphans, I heard that voice "this is not what I want you to do right now".

How great is God? I mean, I know and I am loved by some of the most amazing people! These friends that offered that money towards an adoption are some of the most God fearing, Loving, GIVING people I have ever known. Seriously, I learn from their lives, I see what it means to have lots but give MOST of it away. They are amazing.

So, here we are, excited about going to Africa. We are right now in talks with Children's Cup, trying to figure out when we will go for sure. Spring is most likely because they will be sending the Back Packs over to Children's Cup then, and we would love to be a part of that distribution. I talked to Dave and Gene Ohlerking (the Founders of Children's Cup) briefly the other night and they said we can definitely work in an Orphanage while we are there. Dean is going to take two weeks vacation so we can have a full 10 days on the ground there.

As I am typing this, I still can't believe it, I am just so excited, God willing, Dean and I will go to Africa AND work in an Orphanage!! I am so excited about what's ahead!

33% of Swaziland Africa's population has AIDS, the highest percentage of AIDS victim in all of Africa. MANY are Children.


Anonymous said…
girl, i am JEALOUS but so excited for you! this is going to be an experience that will rock your world and change your life. i know God is going to use you in a huge way over there, and bless you tremendously for your commitment to that nation. thanks for being committed to being a light in a dark place, and thanks for telling the world about it.
you rock my face off!
Joyce said…
Always "trust the gut"...that's a good think. The "checks" were there for a very reason.

I think it's good that you all "go"...see what you can see, do what you can do and that will forever change your lives like you can't imagine.
Africa will be amazing.
Joyce said…
oops....."it's a GOOD thing" I meant.....but it's a good think too I suppose. HA!
Anonymous said…
Have you heard about the National Day of Care? It's a day for all Americans to give to a ministry or humanitarian organization of their choice that supports orphans in Africa. Donations made to the National Day of Care, a nonprofit, are dispersed to organizations such as World Vision and Samaritan's Purse. This is a national movement held the Sunday before Valentine's Day, Feb. 10. Churches, businesses and all individuals can participate. The website is Help us spread the word!

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