Adoption Update

Dean and I talked last night for a bit about the adoption situation. He had already told me that he did not have a peace about adopting an 11 yr old boy. I was sad about it but I understand. I have been praying for God to show him what he does have a peace about, you know? But last night he said he wants to adopt, is ready to adopt again, but he doesn't feel a strong pull to adopt from Africa, he would be just find with adopting from Africa but he would also be find with adopting from here.

So right now we are just praying for wisdom and direction and we would really appreciate your prayers.

I know the need is great here in America but there are 44 million Orphans in Africa, most living in conditions that many American Orphans have never seen. Here in America we have around 800,000 Orphans who grow up in the Foster Care system. So there is a big difference. The need is much greater over there.

Dean and I just want to do what God tells us to do. We know adoption is in our future, we know we are to help Orphans, we just need to know how that is supposed to play out. So again, please pray for us to make the right moves.


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