Red Letters, Living a Faith that Bleeds

This is such a great book. I stayed up late last night reading it and I quite literally had to pray myself down to get to sleep. What I mean by that is, If I could have jumped on a plane to Africa @ 11:30pm last night, I would have. These kinds of books just make me crazy! I'm like, "God please help me, what can I do about AIDS Orphans? What do you want me to do with this information?" I have to be patient and be clear of Gods plan for me and my family. But it's hard to "know". For now, I will just pray every chance I get for these Orphans and the Continent of Africa that is being destroyed by AIDS.

Dean and I plan on going to Africa next Summer. We are not sure when exactly but I know we are supposed to go.

I so could see Dean and I working in an Orphanage. When we talk about "if we had millions of dollars..." him and I both always say we would start Orphanages and fund the good ones out there now.

Read this book. Really, you will not regret it.


Anonymous said…
Brad is planning on going next summer also. Maybe you guys should talk.

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