please Pray for Iraq

Take a second, take a minute, whatever, just when you hear the word "Iraq" please pray for that country. Pray for our leaders that make decisions concerning that country, Iraqi leaders and the lost and hurting people of Iraq. Also remember the Christian's that are there in the middle of this conflict and the many soldiers that are fighting in this war.

God loves the Iraqi people just like he loves us.

Check out Cajun Tiger's Blog for news and testimonies straight from the "giant sand Box" as he calls it.


HerstoryGirl said…
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for this post.
We need to remember that we are ALL God's children.
Please pray for the people of Iraq, our troops, our leaders and the entire Middle East.
This is more important NOW than ever before...
Cajun Tiger said…
Thanks for the shout out =) Prayer and sharing the gospel are the only things that will ultimately defeat terrorism. Heard a great quote the other day. "Gospel and God both begin with Go!"

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