Pictures of Life

E holding her new Charles Dickens book, it's a collection of four of his classics. She is supposed to read A Tale of Two Cities this year for school. I have to say that is my least favorite Dickens but all his stuff is a must read to me. I am sure I will be borrowing this book from her.

Steele in his make-shift Nacho Libre costume. He looks more like an Elvis impersonator.

Steele and Raisha kissing, as always!

Stacie and Tony Gardana with Griffis striking a pose before the One Way service last night.

It was Awesome!


agardana said…
Thanks Carole Sue
Anonymous said…
I love young Nacho. Dickens is my favorite. Great expectations. And Stacie looks mighty fine in her black satin/silk shirt. I love that women just keep getting prettier.

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