The Obama-tor is rising

Yes, I thought of that (Obama-tor, you know like "Barometer"?) myself :-)

Anyway, I was reading an article about Ego maniacs and according to their survey American people felt Barak Obamah was the most humble out of the candidates running for President and Hillary was the most Egotistical. All the Republican Candidates were actually in the middle, Edwards was up there with Hillary.

Obama also has Oprah backing him now. This is the first time she has ever publicly backed a candidate for president, even throwing a huge fund raiser last weekend for his campaign at her home. I think I know why Oprah is backing Obama. I think it's because he is a black, educated, humble man who wants to fix the problems in the black community. I think Oprah sees in Barak Obama a good example for black children. Get an education, be honest, be humble and teachable, but also be strong and full of convictions and you too can be president. I think she may feel that he offers hope to a race mired in bad leaders and few good role models. And hope for chipping away even more at the race issues that still persist in this country. Maybe she feels that the fact that he is bi-racial crosses both lines and actually could bring even more unity between the races.

I wish he wasn't so Pro-Abortion. That really upsets me cuz' I think I could vote for him if he was pro-life. The sad truth is that right now, there isn't a pro-life candidate out there that I like.

I think in '08 I will pray like never before about who I am supposed to vote for. I no longer view an election as the end of the world or the salvation of it. Heck, if America survived Bill Clinton, I think we can survive just about anything, well, except maybe his wife, that might be a stretch...


Amanda said…
Amen sister!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I thought Bill Clinton was one of the best presidents we have ever had. The enconomy was the best it had ever been. We weren't in a war. He just couldn't keep it in his pants like other presidents I could name. I like Obama I just think he does not have enough experience to be president and his wife is a little overbearing.
I think he would be over his head in the presidency and that is a scary thought in this day of terrorism. I don't have anyone who I can definitely say I would vote for at this time.
Well, God puts up leaders and takes down leaders so we'll see.
Love MOM
Alex Walker said…
Excuse me, but where is the criticism of the "Black Middle Class" that we get all the time here in Los Angeles?

The Martin Luther King/Harbor Medical Center closes in South L.A. and we're told its the fault of the "Black Middle Class."

The Los Angeles Unified School District is a disgrace and we're told it's the fault of the "Black Middle Class."

We are told that the "Black Middle Class' has a sacred duty to go out and vote for almost any Democratic Party hack.

But i guess if you are a Republican billionaire like Oprah and her "boyfriend" Steadman Graham, you can do whatever you like.

But then, I can't expect depth from who still thinks in 2007 that "abortion" is the most important issue under the sun (I mean, what are "little things" like world war, terrorism, hurricanes, floods, global warming and general corruption compared to the all-important issue of vconforming to the "Christian" party line laid down by rightwing Bush Republicans)

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Cajun Tiger said…
Looks like you got attacked by the green monsters...lucky you.

I love you last line!!!
Cajun Tiger said…
*your last line* =)

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