Midnight Outreach

After George's Funeral last night, which was an awesome celebration of his life by the way, I got to finally go on the Midnight Outreach. I have wanted to go for a year but for a while Dean was just not ok with me going to strip clubs at midnight, something about guns, drunk people and strippers just didn't make him feel too safe :-) But once he found out that Summer was going, he decided to let go of his fear and give me his blessing.

Summer with the Roses we handed out.

There were 15 of us in a 10 passenger van. This picture is literally how close we all were. We hit all the clubs, some let us in, some didn't. We even hit a few new ones and got shooed out of a couple. We gave roses to prostitutes and strippers and shady motel owners and bouncers got chocolate.

I got to go into Escapades. I didn't know how I would react to that environment but let me tell you, I was so awake after we left there. It was like "this is it, this is why Jesus came, these are the sick that the great physician came to heal. He ate with them, He wants them to see Him and know Him." There was no weirdness, no embarrassment, just let me find a lady, no matter what she is in the middle of and give her a rose, smile at her and pray for her to see Jesus.

Each rose had an invite to the woman's conference attached to it. We are praying for some of these women to come. We will pay their way if they decided they want to.

It's like Aliece said before we left the Annex to hit the clubs; "we don't look down on them, we are not better then them, we all could fall in the next minute if we don't totally rely on Jesus. We are there to plant a seed, that's it, be Jesus and let them know someone does care. They are not just a piece of meat."

We also got to go to the Alamo Hotel. This is a drug and prostitution hang out near the Dream Center. It was so weird but here it was midnight, we pull into a hotel parking lot and all 15 of us jump out and start yelling out "dream center" as we walk around. At first I was thinking, "well they are all sleeping or something Else but they certainly aren't coming out into the parking lot". Boy was I wrong! Not only did many come out but they were banging on doors to tell other people to get up and come out. We gave them chocolates and roses and we also got to pray with some people.

It was such a great night. We got to go to some really rough areas of town cuz' we had guys with us. Jordan, Brandon and The Right Reverend Johnny Green. I wasn't ever afraid. I knew THIS was what God wanted me to be doing.

I love that we have ladies like Aliece, Charity, Donna and Tanika. They are FEARLESS!! Charity totally rocks! She will walk into ANY place, talk to ANY bouncer, motel owner, pimp. Aliece has trained them well. I loved just watching these ladies and I look forward to learning from them.

I think it's so cool that HPC does this! I kept thanking God for my church and it's vision to be a healing place for a hurting world. I am so not into the cheesy "I go to the best church in the world" stuff but I will say that I serve at the Church God wants me at and that is the best, the very best place to be.

Tired Jordan and the beautiful Summer.


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