I moved my Hysterectomy to October 1st.

After the surgery I will be down for two weeks at least and I can't lift anything for six weeks. Servolution is on September 22nd and our entire family wants to be a part of that so I knew I could not have my surgery on September 17th like we had originally scheduled.

I want to be able to keep my Ovaries and so far it looks like I will be able to so please pray I can.


AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Carole, I am lifting you up in prayer!

Also, I saw this on Tom Davis' blog and thought you would like to hear of another free trade product that feeds orphans. http://tomdavis.typepad.com/tom_daviss_blog/2007/09/saints-coffee.html

In Christ,
Anonymous said…
Ya'll are so cute. A family serve day. I mean really, that is precious.

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