Georges wife Robin had gotten into the bed with George around midnight last night, she was laying beside him when he took his last breath at 4am this morning.

I went to work in the nursery this morning for Ladies Bible Study. It was hard. I looked around at all the kids and I had to pray for God to help me be there, be of some value to my work today cuz' I felt overwhelmed with grief.

You have to understand that George was not my brother by blood but he was in all other intents and purposes. There are a few guy friends that I have that have been just that to me, brothers. He was one of those people.

George lived life full throttle. He loved God so much. He loved his family so much. He was an incredible husband and father. He was such an exceptional person.

I know people talk about the dead in glowing terms out of respect but in this case, I really can not say enough about how great he was. I can not do justice to his life. There are not enough glowing terms to say. You just had to know him.

The devil did not win anything here. I think of John the baptist, he was born to get people ready for Jesus, then he was left in prison and beheaded not long after Jesus came. He was the same age as Jesus so he died very young. BUT that was Gods purpose. His glory was served in all that. We may not understand it but we live to die in Christ, however that looks is up to Him.

I can only imagine the pain Goerge's mother is feeling. She is one of the coolest most amazing women I have ever met. George definitely got his sense of humor from her, she's a riot. She herself has been battling breast Cancer this past year. She was there last night when her son died. He said his last words to her around 10pm. She had been feeding him some peaches, he told her he wanted to eat some more but just couldn't.

My heart hurts for his dad, brother, aunts, etc. and for Robin's family. George and Robin acutally lived behind Robin's parents and beside her brother so they were all just a really close family. I know they are all greiving so much right now.

George's children are two of the most amazing kids I know. Lauren is a fire ball for Jesus. Sweet, kind, gentle, and brilliant. She is 17 years old. She was so close to George. I remember watching them together when she was a small child. He was such a hands on father. SO involved in everything. So in love with his little girl.

Bryan is 12 years old. He is all boy. Like Steele, he is so alive! Amazing athlete, fun and whitty like his dad and his mom. Yet, so kind and polite. I see so much of George in Bryan, that zest for life.

And Robin. I can hardly think about what it would be like to lose half of yourself. Because that is what it is, they are one flesh, now half of that body is gone. This is where Gods healing is so apparent right now. She is being so strong. I picture MANY angels around her, holding her up, making her mind sharp for decisions to be made, comforting her. I see Jesus hugging her so tight.

I have a head ache from crying because I will miss George and it will be painful to watch his family grieve. There is a void now in the world. BUT GOD. Like I have said before, I don't know how people deal with the big things in life without Him. God can and will give peace comfort and joy. He will be there, more then we can even imagine for that family.

It has rained all day. It is like Jesus is weeping with us who are left here on earth. But I know George is happy, he is with the God he served, with every fiber of his being, till the very end.


Anonymous said…
I am so sad, but I know George is at complete peace. You said it well. There is no replacing George. A one of a kind, wonderful, hilariious, great person. I love him.
Anonymous said…
I did not know George personally but I felt like I knew him from his blog. I'm so sorry Carole that you've lost your friend. I will be praying for everyone left behind.

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