Funny stuff and serious stuff from George

Robin is really struggling with the reality of this Death. She felt like she knew that she knew that he would not die from this. She really believed God had spoken that to her so she is trying to work all that out in her heart and her mind. She was talking to us about her thoughts on all this and at one point she told us how George had said to her a while back "Robin, if God's glory is served by me dieing then I will die. If it takes me dieing from cancer to get my dad saved then I am willing to do that."

I am going to give her the book by CS Lewis, "A Grief Observed" it is such an honest look at his grief. He says some hard things to God, ask some hard questions but in the end realizes Gods grace and clings to that. I also think about an acquaintance of mine who's wife was struck by lightening and killed just before their first anniversary. He said in a letter "I am mad at God right now but He understands because we are friends".

I already see God using George's death to reach people. This is a sad time but it is also an amazing time, God really shows up when one who loved Him so much dies. He really touches hearts in such a special way.

Robin let me read a letter that George had written just after being diagnosed in December of '05. On the outside of the envelope it said "read only if I am dead, not kinda dead, in a coma, or looking dead but really dead".

Inside the envelope was letters to Robin, Lauren and Bryan. He told Robin that if she found another man to "trust him as far as you can throw him, do background checks, detectives and use a lie detector"

I know tonight we will hear funny stories about George. He was a trip. Over at George's blog Bryan Edwards wrote the greatest comment, he said "heaven just got a little crazier" and that is so true.


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