I found this pic of my sweet Evangeline on the Displace Me web site.

I just wiped tears from my face.

I look at this picture and wonder if she will one day look back at this time and see her future.

I think her time is coming soon, time to shine, time to find her place in the world. I know she is only 11 but before I know it she will be grown.

I can't see Steele's leanings yet. I think he will be a strong leader, maybe go into Politics or the Ministry. But Evangeline was born to be sunshine to someone, I think it is to African Orphans.

When I look at that picture I see a night when we changed. She actually didn't want to go that night with me, she begged not too, and I thought I couldn't do it, you know, sleep outside in a cardboard box. Plus we were going with teenagers and her and I both were not at all thrilled about that. But we saw that teenagers weren't that bad, and the ones we were with were actually pretty great. We both felt like we had helped Africa, even if just a little bit, by being a part of Displace me.

I think that night was a seed planted to prepare Evangeline. I saw her light up, I saw that fire in her eyes, you know, when you are in the zone, doing what is "your thing", you didn't know it but there you are, doing something that is just so you and God gives you that thrill in your gut, that fire in your eyes.

So maybe she will have a state side organization that helps Orphans in Africa, maybe she will be a missionary to Africa. Maybe we will all go and open an Orphanage. I don't know. I am just a mom typing my hopes and dreams for my daughter but I know one thing for sure, God's plans for her are greater then I can imagine. He doesn't want her just to make it to the end of life safely, but He wants her to shine and burn out bright, so do I.


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