Discover your Fate with and Elevate Rotate

Five weeks Five Campuses (except I had the ria when I was supposed to go to the Annex so I couldn't go to that one) and I SO enjoyed them all..

My mental flash pictures of the HPC campuses I worked at on the Elevate Rotation;

St. Frani-

Set up, tear down, rope with tape marks for chairs,

and I briefly feared they were going to lead worship in cut off's-say no to man knees!!

Guy name Griff, fitting a gym full of stuff into a very small closet-this was an art form HE perfected.

Group of great people laying hands on Timmy and praying for him before the service,

and Mrs. Dott the greeting queen extraordinaire showing everyone Jesus.


beautiful people,

the old ladies in the back section,

Dino speaking cuz' Mark Stermer was in Peru,

serving food that ROCKED,

getting lost for WAY TO LONG,

Meeting Carlene for the first time (she got lost too, nothing like a prayer said while driving alone out in the middle of corn fields)

Me and Natalie talking in the bath room (crazy, sassy girl!),

Cindy Stermer talking to us like we were old friends (how great is she?)

and get-down-soul-man-worship.


Getting up SUPER early,

praying EARLY and yet feeling so awake.

Working the merchandise booth,

smiling at people coming in, "hello, hello, how are you? Good morning..."I felt like the stationary stewardess as I sat facing every person walking in the back door :-)

Singing in the choir (yea!! I have missed that so much!!)

My shoes hurting my feet.


Getting lost AGAIN! BUT getting there on time ;-)

Worshiping and listening to the sermons in Spanish.

Abraham, the 12 year old boy I worked with in the Pre school class. I wish all 12 year old boys were as great as him.

Mark Anthony who knew some English.

Listening to Carlene and Laura tell us their stories, and our little group forming a lasting bond...

..that was the best.

So, in a very beautiful nutshell, Elevate Rotation is like Youth Camp. You don't get any sleep, you meet new people, you fall in love with the Jesus you see in them and you make lasting friendships.

Tony, Phillip, Monica, Laura, Carlene, Summer, Renee, I call you friend!


HerstoryGirl said…
Awww.... *tearing up*

I loved getting lost with you, too!

hee hee hee!

I LOVE our group! GO TEAM 4!!!!

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