Diabetes Education

Evangeline has type 1 Diabetes. She was diagnosed a month after her 2nd birthday.

Type one, or Juvenile diabetes is not brought on by your weight or eating habits. It is an auto immune disorder where the immune system attacks the pancreas and kills the insulin producing cells.

Insulin is what takes your food and feeds it to your organs so they will function. Without insulin being produced in your body your organs will not function and you would die.

SO, that is why Evangeline has to where an insulin pump. This beeper looking devise gives her insulin around the clock. It acts kinda like a pancreas only it has to be administered by her or us when she eats.

Type one diabetes CAN NOT be cured by diet and exercise and she will not outgrow it. Unless God heals her or He gives scientist the wisdom to come up with a cure, she will have diabetes her entire life.

Although exercise and diet will not heal her of Diabetes it does help her organs to process the insulin more efficiently, Exercise does this for everyone. She plays every sport, year round so that she will always look at exercise as just part of her life.


Type two diabetes in Children is at an epidemic level right now. This type of diabetes is different then what Evangeline has. It is caused by being over weight and/or not exercising along with a poor diet. Many type 2 diabetics also are predisposed to this by heredity.

American kids are so sedentary now, parked in front of TV's and computers and eating junk so what happens is their Organs become insulin resistant. Their little organs are already wore out by trying to process all the food but the organs are not sharp because the child's metabolism is so weak and slow due to inactivity and this leads to both the insulin being unproductive and the organs being unable to "eat" what the insulin is giving it.

The bottom line with Type 2 diabetes IS EXERCISE.

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