The sign of the 47

Tonight I went to Refuge. Refuge is the high school student ministry @ HPC. For a little while now I have thought about helping out there. Now as an Elevate student I can do that to see if that is an area of ministry God wants me to be in.

Well I was all alone tonight, Dean was off doing his NFL draft for Fantasy football, so at first I felt really weird and old. I ask God to let me know, maybe give me a sign, speak to my heart if this was something I needed to really get into. I looked up on the stage and there it was, the number 47...

I always take that as a sign...of something for me.

But seriously, I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the entire service. I really felt God breaking me. As we sang "How Great is Our God" I just wept and felt God really touching me. It was great.

The sermon was amazing too and so timely. I am so glad I went. I know it was meant to be.

All the 47 did was just confirm that. God has a sense of humor and I think he speaks to us with it sometimes too.


Anonymous said…
What does the 47 mean in this picture? Love MOM
tori ohlerking said…
i am so excited that you caved! lol. it's going to be amazing...and i know you've got a lot to bring to refuge. thank you so much for being a part of it.

love you!!
Anonymous said…
Do Not Fear The 47.

Embrace it and it will be your buddy.
Anonymous said…
oh Sue, the Lord truly works in mysterious ways... miracles when you least expect them!
I'm very proud of you

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