Oven Removal

Well, I went to the OB yesterday and he said it was time. Time to take the oven out. I knew it would be time sooner or later and actually I am glad to be rid of the stupid thing. I mean seriously, it has never really worked right. Since the age of twelve it has been a constant source of very serious pain and aggravation. Although I will never regret it being there because a very very good thing did come of it, Even with an Oven so broken it now needs to be removed, God did the impossible, like he tends to do, and put Evangeline in there to cook, so it was good for that and that is really really great!

Now we just have to get it all scheduled and then I will be oven free.


Anonymous said…
let me know as things get set up for removal. we will be praying for you!!
Anonymous said…
I think you will be relieved. You have been through so much pain. Let me know when it's going to take place.

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