kids, a dog and a really big truck

Our dog Cleo, REALLY needing a hair cut...

Evangeline and Hannah dressed for 6th grade Red and Orange night at Pathfinders. I love that Evangeline doesn't mind being the only person in a homemade poncho that says Jesus Freak on the back, and with full face paint.

My little baby girl sleeping. Isn't it crazy how you can see the baby in there faces still when they sleep? I love her. I miss my fat baby girl but she is growing into such a great girl.

Steele with Elmo. His new favorite. He even wore these very hot, too small for him, pajama's last night to bed because they are Elmo too.

Steele, well being Steele. He is such a Joy. Sometimes I look at him and can't believe how blessed we are to have him. I love him so much. I love to kiss his fluffy lips, they are the best. Dean wants to cut the fro, but I am digging it. Steele actually tells me to fix his hair like Frodo's!

And last but absolutely not least, my very adorable nephew Gage by his dad's jeep. Gage just had surgery on his ear last week. He did great and now, we are praying for a quick recovery and some really perfect hearing.

I love that kid!


Anonymous said…
I love all my sweet babies. I love the outfit E has on. she is just like her mama. You never conformed to what everyone else was wearing. You were the one who started trends. All my babies are so beautiful. I guess they take after their grandma. I love y'all. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
The dog looks like a guinea pig..LOL..

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