Hope in the Dark

Lori Latuso gave me this book today as a belated Birthday Present. It is SO great!

Hope in the Dark is mainly a photography book of Africa. It also has some extremely powerful thoughts accompanying the pictures by a lady, Jena Lee She works with Blood:Water Mission.
Blood water mission is a Christian organization that equips African communities with resources and information on how to get clean water. Clean water is a huge problem in Africa. I highly recommend checking out their site http://www.bloodwatermission.com/.

The images in this book are beyond description. I try to not think about Africa. I tell myself it's just a fascination, something I have attached myself too but it's not my "calling" but then I see these children...hum..I get that just unbelievable stirring, the bursting of my chest, my insides screaming "I have to do something!! I can't bare this!" and then I know, God has given me this book.

I know I am called to the Orphans. I know that is one reason I feel such a strong pull to Africa. Africa is number two only after China in the amount of Orphans. But also I always feel called to the other side of the pro-life coin, the mothers. Africa is FULL of mothers dieing of AIDS, children dieing of AIDS, Father's dieing of AIDS. A continent FULL of Orphan's and widows. How could I not just want to do all I can to help?

I always think of the Orphan's in Africa. There more then anywhere else. I can not tell you how badly I want to hold the child in this picture.


Lori said…
Carole~I'm so glad you enjoyed this book. The Lord laid this on my heart to give this to you for a purpose. I love your passion and heart and I know God is going to use that in a mighty way. I got my book out this morning and was reading it again....it is just so powerful. I hope many people get a hold on this book because I know the affect it can have on the heart! So keep spreading the word!!!!

AdoptedAsHisOwn said…
Looks like an amazing book, Carole! Two other books worth reading are Donna Frank's Straight.....from Hell and Tom Davis' book Red Letters. The links for these two books are on my blog!! Great great books!!
Joyce said…
I too love reading books like those and others...then I get freaked out and frustrated because I feel like I can't do enough. UGH!
I've learned....."we do what we can when we can" and most importantly....."PRAY for and support those issues and those people in prayer" and "help those that can go, even IF I can't at the moment."
Your day may very well come to GO.....just prepare in the meantime.
I found this saying once and it's always meant a lot to Don and I. It said.....
"when men who fish can't go to sea...they MEND NETS!!!"
In the mean time PREP and support the team that IS playing.
Just get ready now when the time is right...then you can roll right out there.
Hang in there!

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