God's War

I stared reading this massive, 1000 page book last night. I had read a review in my favorite Magazine, Christianity Today and after that, I knew I had to get this book. So far, it has not disappointed.

I have always loved History. The only class I ever took at LSU was History and I absolutely loved it. This book is exciting to me. I see all these crazy words and places that I have no idea what they mean and have never heard of some of the places.

Like this word; Caliph-commander of the faithful, political heir of the Prophet. Have you ever heard of that word before? I love these words too, Dunube, Styria, Meissen, Elbe. This book is full of these places, these amazing words that are a part of our History on this earth.

Just say "Constantinople" or "Byzantium" with me. How cool do they sound? I am actually giddy about learning all these places, meanings to old words and as the back cover states, I will be learning about a "..bizarre centuries-long episode in which Western Christianity willfully ignored its Master's principles of love and forgiveness."


Anonymous said…
The Crusades were about power. They just used God's name as the Devil always does. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Okay I wanna bring that book with me to Africa. Would I ever read it? Hmmm... Maybe not.... Well I at least want to go find it at BandN and check it out for a couple of hours.