God and the cool chicks that listen to Him

Ok, so no secret about the issues I have been having since Elevate started. Got a good book, been really praying and looking into Gods word for how to deal with it all. But also for what "IT" is. I didn't really understand what was going on inside me completely.

SO first, about a week ago, Prego-Mego IM's me with a real word of encouragement. She had gone through a similar Retreat experience as I did. I thought that was such God timing cuz' I was really getting hit hard that day. I love when God does that.

Then a cool chick, who I hardly ever talk to but we totally dig each others blogs, Natalie, well she calls me. She told me a lot but I forgot some. The main thing was that she dreamed about Steele and God had told her to tell me to "Surrender" and somehow the dream about Steele and the Surrender went together. Well that really touched me. I knew that was for me. Steele challenges me in every area of life. He lives up to his name.

Well, so that was great BUT THEN my friend Melissa E-mails me a word from God. She is a prayer and she, like Natalie and Megan, they all hear from God. The word she gave me made me cry. Here is a part of it..

"Resist the urge to run from this trial. Embrace the fact that God is wanting to change you so that He can reveal himself to you and through you in a greater way. When you come out on the other side, you will have a greater anointing. It's in our weakness that we can be strong. The very weaknesses that you are talking about are really your greatest strengths, they just haven't come to a place of brokenness yet. God wants to use your fiery personality to be a warrior for his glory, but he needs you to be broken and willing to submit and obey him at all costs. He wants you to trust Him! The voice of the Spirit is saying, "Trust me! Trust me! Trust me!" Your obedience/submission is never to man, it is to the Spirit. Just as your trust in never in man, but in the Spirit. When we are broken, we are opened up to His healing and His transformation. Let Him transform you.

One last thought, I was thinking about Steele being a little fighter...that's exactly who you are. Let God use you to show Steele how to fight the good fight - the one with eternal purpose."

SO how freaky is it that Natalie saw Steele in a dream and then Melissa mentions him in the word she had for me? That alone has spoken volumes to my soul.

I was so moved by all of it. I now could see that Steele is to me what I am to God. Steele fights everything we tell him to do. He always resist. He has to be disciplined ALOT. But I know that if I don't stay on top of him he will be out of control when he gets older. But we love him enough to want him to have a good life, be able to hold a job, have friends, etc. so we have to discipline him even when it's hard.

I lay hands on him at night and pray for him to have patience and self control. It's like God is showing me that I have to learn to submit and obey God or I can't teach that to my child. But just as Steele's determination is both a strength and a weakness that has to be cultivated and submitted to authority, mine has to be also.

I am just so thankful for God compelling these ladies to tell me something and they listened cuz' it really has helped.


Anonymous said…
That was A MAA ZiNg Carole. Oh my goodness. God is definitey trying to speak to you girl. What a blessing that He always pursues us. You know that you are crying out when He bombards you with holy spirit moments like these. Praise Him for them.

Love you, your are an amazing woman well on your way to be out mazing!!!! that is so not a word but I think it gets the point across.

:) Praying

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