Fair Trade Finds

This morning at the joint Writers Voice/Book Club meeting, while we were discussing Fair Trade, a guy (sorry I can't remember your name) said I should start a list of Fair Trade merchandise so that people who would like to buy Fair Trade stuff could see what is out there.
I thought that was such a great idea. Thanks Dude!
SO her goes..
Tiger Mania off Drusilla lane had these cute kids shirts. They are made my SH, made in Canada and they are a Fair Textiles Manufacturer. They weren't that expensive either, they only had shirts for kids by this Company or I would have bought more because the more Fair Trade Merchandise we purchase, the more stores will carry.
Sam's sells this Fair Trade coffee bean, Marques De Paiva. I really like it, even if it is French Roast.
So, pray about it and if you feel led to jump on the Fair Trade wagon, come on.
And let me know of any Fair Trade stuff you find so I can add it to the list.