Dance I say!

ok, I have had a few request from people who were not at my party, for the names of the songs I considered my favorite dance songs over the last four decades.

Mind you I have more favorites but you can only put 18 or so songs on a CD so I tried to pick a few from each decade..

Here they are...

Dont bring me down -ELO
You should be dancing - Bee gees

Aint Nobody - Chaka Kahn
No parking on the dance floor -Midnigt star
Any way you want it - Journey
You dropped a bomb on me- Dazz band
Let's go crazy - Prince

Ice Ice baby- Vanilla Ice
Can't touch this-MC Hammer
It takes two - Rob Base
Everbody Dance now - CC music factory
Come out and play- the Offspring
Jesus us just alright - DC talk

Just don't tell me that - NSYNC
Smooth Criminal - Alien ant farm
Walk it out- DJ Unk
Bye bye bye (remix) NSYNC
Smells like teen spirit (dance mix) Tori Amos


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