Back Packs for Africa

This is from my friend Lori Latuso. Please read and help if you can.

Hello Friends! As many of you know, Pat and I were able to travel to Africa this summer on a missions trip and do some work with an awesome group called Children's Cup. Upon returning home, I just couldn't stop thinking about all of the kids there and how little they have. So I contacted Vicki Olerking at Children's Cup and asked her what I could do to still help out in any way. Such Godly timing!! They have just launced a program called Engage. This is for people who want to get involved and help the kids there in any way through various projects. Of course I jumped on the education team right away and we are trying to raise 5,000 bookbags filled with school supplies to be shipped to Africa in early 2008. So I am am writing to all of you to ask for your help. With school just starting, school supplies are so cheap right now. You can get a backpack with the supplies for under $25 or less!! You can either purchase the items yourself or send a donation and we can purchase them for you. Anything will be appreciated!!! In my lack of knowledge of technology, I have actually set up a blog page where you can read more about this and get the exact info. on what to put in the backpacks. You can also post a respond there as well. This would be such an awesome thing to do with your kids and of course for all of my teacher friends, just think of what an awesome class project this could be and the lessons you could incorporate....math, geography, writing and so on!! We can also set up correspondance between you and the children at the schools. We are so excited about this and the wonderful positivie affect it will have on those kids to see the love of Jesus hands on! The two sites are listed below. Thanks my friends!! Be Blessed!


Luke 6:38


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