Our House..

...is very possibly sold. We have a contract and it looks like we will be out of here by August 1st if all goes well so PLEASE PRAY it does.

I have not packed one thing. I think I am in Denial. It's actually a place I rarely go, I know people who live there permanently but I usually just hear about it from them but right now, I think I have taken up residence in Denial. Bad thing is when you live there, reality comes and knocks you over like Katrina before too long. In my case reality will be here in two weeks! SO I need to pack and find a place to live. We have an idea where we will go, so that is good.

Crazy thing is, my friend Anne is moving next Wednesday and so is my friend Lorri! Like I told Lorri the other night, we can never say that life is boring!

I miss Dean so much! He is loving his trip to Canada but he really misses us too. He will be back Sunday and I can't wait to kiss him.

Him and I really hope to go to Africa next summer. I am taking Elevate, which is an intern program thing at HPC. It is from September to May and it's kinda like a bible school I guess. I am so excited though because my friend Summer is doing it too and Vicki said she is but has yet to make it official. I hope I am not the oldest person...

You know I will be 40 on August 10th?!!


Vicki Ohlerking said…
I am so excited about your house! Let me know when you need help and we'll come help you pack (and move!)
Anonymous said…
Let us know if/when you need help to pack/move.
Gered Lambert said…
No fair. You sold your house AFTER us but get to move BEFORE us! Met with Dr. Butner today. GREAT GUY! I think it'll be a divine connection.

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