Dean in Canada update

Dean has been calling me everyday from Vancouver. He has been working the soccer camp during the day and helping out at a soup kitchen at night.

The homeless population in Vancouver is massize mostly due to a major mental health hospital closing a couple years back and the hospital literally releasing the patients onto the streets! And drug use is legal in certain areas of Vancouver so there are many many drug addict homeless people. Dean is loving working the soup kitchen! He said every night of the week a different church facilitates it and it feeds hundreds of homeless people.

He is amazed at the amount of poverty and degredation there is in such a beautiful city. There are several streets that are deemed legal drug use areas. Dean calls them "Skid Rows", He said that when you go down them it is just unbelieveable. People tripping out right in front of you. Many people doing drugs openly and completely drugged out. But what is a by product of drugs being legal is that each day before they can do the soccer camps they have to rake the fields for viles, old needles, and other drug parafinalia. The field they are using is not near a "legal" drug use area of Vancouver but that doesn't matter, drug use is everywhere and the lostness of this massive city shows it.

They are hoping to get into the neddle exchange building to do some ministering. This is a place where drug users can go and turn in 5 used needles to get 5 unused ones back.

Please continue to pray for them.

They are doing Gods work there and I am so proud of Dean and we miss him really bad :-(


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