What matters most?

I was talking to my friend Ammye today and I told her "you know, things are really bad looking right now financially for us. If we don't sell our house by August, we could lose it because we are not making enough to pay everything and live right now. But SO many great things are happening as well. My husband is going on a missions trip! Who ever thought I would see the day when my husband wanted to go on a missions trip!?" Dean prays for me, takes bad kids to church with us and out serves me hands down! I would be homeless and still be so grateful that this is my life!

I told Ammye "you know, God always does stuff that is so much bigger then we could ever dream." I see that going on in our lives right now. There is a book related thing I am involved with that I can't really say much about but it is SUCH a dream come true.

My kids are happy, they play, sing, dance and laugh. Evangeline just completed a leadership class at church, has befriended and took a strippers daughter to church last Saturday night and she serves like Jesus every chance she gets.

Steele sleeps with me sometime now! This is not a big deal to many moms but he NEVER wanted to sleep with me even as an infant. Now, he ask to sleep with me! His mood is better and he is better behaved. My life is very blessed.


Have you ever seen that Oprah episode where she took ladies who worked outside the home, had them do a budget where they included what they spent on Daycare, lunches, gas to and from work, work clothes, dry cleaning etc? Anything paid to be able to go to work was subtracted from their income and these ladies were very surprised to find that they were either making no money or some were actually paying to go to work!! Well I did that not to long ago and found that I actually only "made" $50.00 a month to be away from my kids 32 hours a week.

My heart is to get out of debt, pay everyone we owe and be a light in that regard as well. I know being in debt is not Gods will for our lives. So I know He will make a way. That is why we are trying to sell our house, use the equity to get out of debt which will raise our credit score and then in six months or so buy another house.

We have been more faithful in the last year then ever before with tithe and for the first time in our life we supported missionaries on a regular basis. I know God will honor that and take care of us better then I could ever dream.

I don't want your pity or a hand out I just want the people I love and respect to understand why I made the decision I did and to know that my idea of a prosperous life is different then theirs maybe. We are all just trying to do God's will.

Thanks for your prayers. I have no doubt God WILL and ALREADY HAS come through!