My dad has always been fun. Every time we went to visit him we had a great time. I get my "I must collect and obsess over movies" thing from my dad. We actually had to listen to Elvis EVERY day, several times a day for years... Good times.

I came to know the lord when I moved here to BR to live with him in 1984. As he once said, "the rest is now history".

I love you DAD!!


Christina, Chelsea, dad, Donna, Chrystal and Me.


My step dad Gary has been a part of our lives since I was 11. He worries about us, loves our kids very much and is a really great PaPa Bah-Lou (like the bear from the jungle book) He wants the absolute best for Me, Donna and Joe and I am very grateful for that.

He considers us his kids and we love and respect him.

Thanks Gary!