Mother's Day

Dean came back from taking Evangeline to her Blue Susi class @ 8am this morning. He had bought me my favorite "Italian Roast" coffee. I looked at it and said "Dean this is whole bean" He said "man, I never look at that, sorry" I stuck it in my purse so I could take it to be ground somewhere. Well a few minutes later Dean said "hey, can you fix me a cup of coffee?" I said "what? You don't drink coffee?" then I looked towards the coffee pot and saw my new coffee bean grinder with my mother's day card propped against it. He's so smooth! He knows me well.

So my day started with that and wonderful "happy mudders day" from Steele while handing me a card and lots of hugs and "Happy Mother's Day" from Evangeline. Then off to church we went. I have to say it was SO good! Dino was in great form today. Funny, poignant, timely and graced with the gifts of God to minister to EVERY lady in the building.

Happy Mother's Day mom! No one can dance in a night gown, in a living room with a bunch of kids like you can! Your the best.

All my friends that are moms, you teach me, you inspire me and you are all great!!

I prayed for Bradshaw today (His mom named him Damien so I guess that is what I should call him) I prayed for his little family. His mom was raised in the foster system. I know her life has been hard. I pray she seeks God while raising Damien. I pray her and Damien's father will provide a house full of love for him. I pictured her holding him in church today. Maybe she was gazing down into his sweet face, he would be 9 months old now, and I pictured her looking at him with that look of complete love. I hope this was a good day for them all. We miss him. Evangeline said today that she missed him and Dean said he prayed for him too. I could tell his heart hurt like mine did because today is bitter sweet. Sad yet so happy, you know?

I had this little day dream, that one day, about 18 years from now, I am in a store, I hear a girl talking to her boyfriend, she says "Damien, you like this shirt..." I turn to see a tall handsome young black man. I ask him where he is from, he says California, that he is here in BR attending LSU. I know immediately that it is him... I thought, "What would I do if that happened?" I would love it if one day I could meet him. I know we will always pray for him and wonder how his life is. He will always be a part of our family, in our hearts.


Some days Dean,I and the kids are laughing together and I just know my heart will explode with joy. I sometimes can't believe I have such a great husband and two of the most wonderful kids in the world. My marriage is a miracle that I will not take for granted, Dean is a miracle.My children are both Miracles. Evangeline is our birth miracle, and Steele is our adoption miracle. I prayed for Steele's birthmom today too, she gave up Steele so we could be his parents and I will always pray for her. My life is a miracle and sometimes I can't help but marvel at all God has done.

Right at this minute, Evangeline and Steele are sitting on Dean's lap watching America's Funniest home videos, laughing their heads off, I am such a blessed woman!


grace said…
You will love that coffee grinder. I have one and it REALLY does make better coffee when you grind the beans yourself. And the aroma of freshly ground coffee....mmmm....makes me want to go and have a cup right now! I'm glad you had a great mother's day! Thanks for the heartfelt post and for sharing your life, thoughts, and journey with "the world" around you.

love and grace,
Lori Rode said…
Dear Carole, it sounds like a great day! My bi-racial brother was adopted into our family in 1970, so you and your family's pictures look great to me. Please email me at lorirodeATgmailDOTcom. I have a child that I would ask you to pray for. Many thanks. Lori Rode
Anonymous said…
Happy's Mothers Day my sweet daughter. Our family is blessed. I really missed my mom on Mothers day. Joe came over Sat. and we made a day of it. Me, Joe and Donna went to a BarBQ at Sandoones and then out. It was so good to be with just my kids for a change. We missed you. Kiss those precious babies for me. Love MOM