Most of you know my friend George, he has been battling cancer since December of '05. And when I say battling I do mean battle. His life has been constant pain. His mother is also battling breast Cancer. It has been a hard hard road for George and his entire family. This is the recent update on his blog.

...We met with my Oncologist today. The results are in and show what appears to be a return of the cancer on the head of the pancreas. The prior CT scan showed a ‘fullness’ in this same area, but since it was not a PET scan we could not do a direct comparison. The liver mets noted on previous scans have also grown some. This explains most of the pain I have been experiencing lately. There are some other details less important, but this is the main info we were looking for. The plan is now to have an upper GI scope to make sure there are no ulcers which could be contributing to/causing any of the pain, followed by radiation which will be formed/directed to fit the affected area of the pancreas. He also suggested some other chemo drugs I could take following the radiation. "

Please pray for him. Even if you can only take a second to say "help George Jesus" please take that second.


Anonymous said…
Georgie, I love you and will pray.

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