Coffee Lovers Unite!

Tom Lopez starts his day with a pot of bold Fair Trade coffee.

The Corona resident enjoys sipping without the guilt. It's the perfect blend of doing right and great-tasting coffee, said Lopez, 55.

"I'm just doing my little part," he said. "It's not much, but it's something."

But to a farmer in an impoverished community, Fair Trade can mean survival, said Elizabeth Bertani, spokeswoman for TransFair USA, the nonprofit organization that certifies and audits Fair Trade products in the United States.

The Fair Trade label is a guarantee to consumers that the farmer received a fair price for the harvest, the employees work in safe conditions, and the crops are grown using environmentally sustainable practices.

The label is a seal of approval to a growing number of socially conscious consumers who want to know they are not purchasing products from exploited farmers in Third World countries.

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Serving an ethical cup of coffee

Does anyone know if Louisiana's own Community Coffee offers Fair Trade coffee's? I really want to talk to HPC about using only Fair Trade coffee. The Annex coffee shop serves Community. I love that it is local but I really want to find out about Community's trade practices.If they get their beans from non-fair trade growers and suppliers, well that is not good for the people trying to make a living off of growing the beans. If anyone knows who/how I can find out about Community Coffee's bean suppliers, please let me know.

I am reading that book that I talked about in a post a couple days ago, The Revolution, it talks a lot about Fair Trade, how it works, why it works and how important it is for the Christian Community to really try to buy Fair Trade.

Whoever thought of Fair Trade was totally on a Jesus mind track. I am always awed by great ideas that are really God ideas!


Cajun Tiger said…
I can't quite remember the name of the coffee we use in our coffee at our Church, but we used to use Starbucks, but last year switched to a fair trade company that also uses part of its profits to help the cause as well.
Unknown said…
For those of you who are interested in the issue of Fair trade, there is a powerful documentary out called “Black Gold,” that documents the lives of Ethiopian coffee farmers and clearly demonstrates why all of us should be asking for Fair Trade coffee. “Black Gold” was recently released in the theater but is now available to the public on DVD via California Newsreel. You can read more about the documentary or pick up a copy of it here at