Shockin' and Stickin'

Ok, so I have been having pain in my right arm for a couple months now... Went to my regular doctor, she treated me for Tendinitis.. round of Steroids, which only added to my weight gain, made my leg hurt and sent me back to her thinking I was having a heart attach!

ANWAY, here we are, 3 weeks and 3 more Dr. visits later and of course the pain is still here. SO my regular Dr. sends me to a neurologist yesterday for some "test"...

I had just come from a great secretaries day lunch with my boss and co-worker, I'm in a good mood, glad for free lunch @ the Country Club and some really cool new earrings.. I get into the neurologist office,

nurse says; "ok, i'm gonna run a few test on your arm."

I say: "will this hurt?"


"ok, your not answering fast enough so that means YES!"

"no one told you about these test?"


"well, it's like when you walk across the carpet and then shock someone..but more intense..and I am gonna do it about 20 times!"

so anyways, about 10 REALLY BAD shocks later I ask another question;

"you ever make anyone cry?"

"Only men really, they can't take the pain."

I didn't cry but I did say DANG a few times.


Neurologist comes in, informs me that all the shocks looked good, nothing to be concerned about on that test BUT he wants to do another test. It involved large needles, sticking them into the arm, moving them around and leaving them in for a few second...

4 OF THEM!!!!

I did have to close my eyes and grimace really hard for the last two, they all hurt like heck but I didn't cry!!!

And yea, that test was clear too. All that pain for them to say "we still don't know what's wrong
with your arm...

..and it made my arm HURT WORSE!!!

Thank God for Relefen is all I can say right now...

to be continued..


Anonymous said…
my poor baby, I wish I was there to kiss and make it better for you.
I love you, MOM
grace said…
eww, Carol. I feel your pain. I've had that same procedure done...more than once. It SUCKS!!! there's just not a better expression!! ugh.