I am glad for Easter. What it celebrates. I am glad that like Peter, I have said loudly I would never but then I did. I swore I would always stand for Him, yet I denied Him. Like Peter I must learn all leasons the hard way. BUT thank God, He can still build His church on messed up people like Peter, like me, like you!

Remember the scene in the movie, The Passion of the Christ when the Pharasies were ready to stone Mary Magdelene and you see here reaching for Jesus' feet? I love that scene. That is so me! Lost, needing just to touch His feet, Know that forgivness.

And then there is Mary. The mother of Jesus. Remember the scene when Jesus says to her as he is going to the cross, "behold, I make all things new"? She is watching her son being tortured, beaten, bloody, hated and despised. She loves Him, feels the unbearable pain of a mother watching her child suffer. But He tells her that this is the only way to make all things new.

And He did. He left the tomb, sits at the right hand of God and lives in us if we ask Him. I can't imagine trying to live without Him. There is NO other life.


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