Displace ME

Ok, I really want to participate in this somehow. My thinking is if I can handcuff my self to the door of an Abortion clinic fighting for the unborn then I should also be willing to spend 24 hours "displaced" fighting for the displaced children of Africa.

Yes, I wonder how much good this can do but I also think that the only way to change things is to make people aware of the problem. AND I believe, with all my heart, that the steady decrease in the Abortion rate is due to awareness, whether by science showing the early development of a fetus or by the massive media attention given to groups like Operation Rescue during the 90's, people can no longer say "it's not a baby", they are AWARE of the facts now. SO If the US government can in anyway, put pressure on the Ugandan government or provide more relief to the displaced people, then the prominent presence of thousands of Americans asking them to do that is worth my time.

I also think it would be good to feel, even if only slightly, what the displaced Children feel. If I go down to New Orleans I am bringing Evangeline, Dean is thinking about going too and Vicki and Tori Ohlerking (Vicki started all this so she has to go with me :-) I loved reading about the pastors from our church who slept out with the homeless people(read about it here- taking-it-to-streets), they got a taste of what the homeless deal with every night, they now have more compassion for them and the ministry to them is made even more real.

To me, this just goes right along with the Pro-life flow that God has called me too. This is a massive atrocity that kills thousands of children each year. The statistics are really hard to get my head around. Hunger and starvation over there, obesity and excess over here, (see Dr. Tweeze' blog for the stats on this) this is a messed up world. Jesus is the only answer. We are His hands and feet so we have to act as He would, that is all I am trying to do here. These are my convictions.I know there is need everywhere, I am not trying to make anyone feel condemned or pressured. I just want to encourage others to do what THEY feel they are called to do, and put this information out there in case others feel a desire to help in this way. Does that make sense?

I am not saying everyone should go sleep on the street on April 28th. There are other ways to make your voice heard. At the bottom of this post are addresses, you can write Senator Mary Landrue or the media outlets. Or you can just pray daily for the Children of Africa.

When Hurricane Katrina hit this country, we saw for the first time what a displaced American looks like. Now we’re asking you to voluntarily become displaced, leaving the comforts of your homes, to imagine for 24 hours what it’s like for the millions of people in Northern Uganda who have been displaced for more than ten years.

What is a displaced camp?
The Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) has abducted thousands of children, subjected them to torture or sexual violence and forced them to fight in a violent guerilla army for 21 years—making it the longest running war in Africa. In hopes of providing protection from this rebel militia, the Ugandan government forcibly evicted its Northern citizens from their homes—giving them 48 hours to relocate into camps. Today, more than 1.5 million Northern Ugandans remain far from secure, suffering nearly 1,000 deaths per week due to inhumane living conditions in the camps.
Alcoholism, sexual abuse, HIV/AIDS, inadequate sanitation and lack of education have caused immeasurable damage to two generations and the near-total destruction of Acholi culture. Water is scarce and people are reliant on food to be delivered by foreign aid. If the food isn’t delivered, the people starve. This April, the already meager rations delivered by the World Food Program to the camps will be cut in half due to lack of funding—with school feeding programs and support for HIV/aids victims soon to follow. This will indisputably increase the number of deaths among those already suffering from severe malnutrition—mostly among women, children and the elderly. That is why the timing of this event, and your participation are so crucial.

“Displace Me” is the nationwide event giving Americans the chance to respond.

By traveling to one of our 15 camps and gathering together, the strength of our size will make a visible statement to our government and media that the citizens of the U.S. demand action in ending the war in Northern Uganda, in order to send the Acholi people suffering in the camps and the abducted children back home. The point is to travel; the point is to become displaced yourself.

Saturday, April 28, 2007 say “Displace Me” and leave your homes to bring them home.

Commit To A City

Sign Up to be displaced in one of 15 cities throughout the US.

Write to government officials, local and national media and help spread the word.

Share your story by email, or send letters to the address below - use your voice for peace.

Step 1: Select A Displace Me City

Kansas City
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
San Francisco
Washington D.C.

Step 2: Select A Media Outlet

Anderson Cooper 360
Anderson Cooper
1 Time Warner Ct. Floor 5
New York , NY 10019

Louisiana Weekly
News Desk
2215 Pelopidas St
New Orleans , Louisiana 70122-4957

NBC Nightly News
News Desk
30 Rockefeller Center Plz
New York , NY 10112

Senator Mary Landrieu
Mufyn Lynn -Scheduler
500 Poydras St. Room 1005
New Orleans , Louisiana 70130


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