The Children of Hurin

I just ordered this book from Amazon. As a complete LOTR freak, I loved the story already. Both times I read it in the Silmarillion I thought it was just great, classic, Tolkien but I could see how some readers would find all of the Silmarillion hard to read. So, I am glad that Christopher Tolkien has taken this great story and reworked it for a new generation. I hope it's a good read.
I always tell anyone that you should read the Hobbit, then Lord of the Rings THEN the Silmarillion. Even though the Silmarillion is the history of Middle Earth, your interest is sparked by the Lord of the Rings. It is a hard read but it is SO great!

Anne and Shawn, thanks for the E-mails about this. I had already been alerted to this book at one of my favorite sites;, but I appreciate you thinking of me :-)


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