This is E posing by some flowers that my co-worker Lisa grew in her garden. Look at my beautiful Evangeline! The flowers and my Evangeline really are beautiful aren't they?

There is something about fresh flowers that brings warmth and beauty to a place.

Do you ever just look at flowers, animals, the sky and marvel at the God we serve? He created all this. Isn't it just amazing?

This is a moth that my friend Kristy has. It's huge! It's so unique and beautiful.

I know I am nature geeking out right now and as someone who really doesn't like to be outside that much it's kinda ironic but when I saw these beautiful flowers in our office and then the incredible Moth It just made me stop and think about the beauty in this world. It's all just a taste of heaven and sometimes we just need to stop and enjoy it.

Thanks Lisa for bringing this beauty to our work place.


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