Ok, I should be happy, I should feel like I have achieved some sort of blog triumph but all I feel is dread every time I see a new comment on a certain post...That stinking "Benny Hinn-bodies hit the floor" video! I have 28 comments on it.

Posting that Video will go down as my biggest blog regret to date. Asking "what do you think?" was a BAD idea! Cuz' actually I don't want to know. Yes, that is what I said. I am not trying to be rude, please know that I truly regret asking because I am not going to change your mind, you are not going to change mine and all it did was hurt feelings of some dear friends that actually do like Benny Hinn. SO, take this as an official apology for posting that video. I am sorry, not cuz' I think it was wrong but it was definitely too controversial. Also, I think some people say things in "type" that they would never say in person, and I do not like that about this "blog world" we are now in.

Sure, I want to express MY opinions that is why I invest so much time managing this blog because it's my vent, it's MY blog but on the other hand I do want to always bring Glory to God and be a productive member of the body of Christ, not just a crap stirrer. So I say forgive me please and let's move on shall we?


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