These are absolutely the coolest shirts!! Charles and Kristen Young are missionaries in Swaziland Africa. These are shirts they sold to raise money. If you want one, they are $20.00. Let me know and I will get in touch with my "source" :-)

The back of the shirt says "It's about the children" and it has the Children's Cup/ HPC Logo.
(E and I were trying to model it but you can't see it too clear)

Notice that we have our *Cheetah print flats on with the Africa Shirt, seriously, what could be a more appropriate shoe?

*Cheetah flats are from Target-$14.95


danohlerking said…
tell "your source" if they'll make a 3x one i'll pay the fatboy fee walmart and target tack on for the extra x - usually a couple bux.

my "source" never landed a 3x for me.

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