Sushi stinks! Lick the bottom of a boat, you will know what it taste like. I don't care that it's all the rage, it is still nasty!

Why can't we just all get a long? I mean, drink, don't drink, but love Jesus with all your heart and love each other, is that so hard?

Can a hard line Republican ever just agree that what a Democrat says may be right or is it always suspect because it comes from a Democrat? (Visa Versa too)

I don't want to exercise! I want to paint, read books, dance, sing and talk (inside ofcourse). Gosh, I hate getting fat!!

Can I wear my white jeans yet?!!!?


Anonymous said…
Sushi does not stink!! have to disagree with you there. But I don't each much of the raw stuff only the rolls and the rolls are awesome!!

And no I can never agree with a Democrat..LOL...only if they agree with me ;)

And I see nothing wrong with Christians drinking as long as they're not drunk and not in public drinking. I haven't had a drink since Dec 1994 so it's not a issue for me.
Anonymous said…
I love sushi- raw! I don't care if you are republican or democrat, but I do tend to lean right. I like to exercise alone, and I don't intend to get fat. Drinking is fine in moderation, and I do it in private and public. Put your white jeans on! We live in the south. It's spring. Thanks for ranting.
Anonymous said…
Never tried sushi; never will. ;)
(I'm allergic to all seafood, but even so, the idea does not appeal!)

I'm socially liberal, morally conservative, so YES, I believe in listening to the PERSON and the ISSUES than just following a party line. I don't believe EITHER side is infallible and I don't think God is one or the other. I could go on a historical diatribe about how the parties have flipped sides and slowly morphed into one another over time, but I'll spare you...

As for drinking, I do not believe that drinking alcohol -- in and of itself -- is wrong, but I do believe that as Christians we have a responisbility not to lead others to sin or set a bad example. A glass of wine with dinner is not a big deal (in a private home), but if I'm downing shots of tequila at the local hot spot, I might want to ask myself, "Is this something I would be comfortable doing if Jesus was sitting across from me?"
That's my .02 anyway...

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