Handyman Spider man and Daddy doing some renovating

Pappa Baloo gave Steele this really great handy man set for Christmas. It has a real hammer, hard hat, level and all that cool stuff. Steele finally got to use it to help Daddy renovate my closet.

My new, expanded and organized closet thanks to my sexy Handy man Dean.

If your wondering why you are looking at a picture of Steele by the tolit, well, Steele is showing off his FIRST po-po in the potty! He still insist on NOT peeing in there but he did poop so we are proud. (I cropped out the poop for the blog :-)


Anonymous said…
Steele is the pooper man! Yea! Good job Steele. Love GranMa
Unknown said…
Way to go, Steele! You truly are "Pooperman!" As Daffy would say, "that's thupendous!"
Love you baby,
Mimi Glenda

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