A comment from My dad...

He E-mailed this to me in response to the Alcohol post. I thought it was funny.

I heard something the other day on Chuck Swindoll. Spurgeon, a great preacher, as you know was a cigar smoker. His followers had a hard time with it. He said he would quit if he started smoking them too much. They asked him what was too much he said when I have two in my hand instead of one.

Love Dad"


Anonymous said…
I think drinking and smoking is each persons personal choice. For me PERSONALLY, I don't drink. God healed me of it completely in 1994. Just took the desire for it out of me..gone!! Thank you Lord! But if you don't feel the HS speaking to you about it then leave it be BUT once you do feel the conviction of the HS then you should turn away from it privately and publicly. Look we'll all have to answer for our choices one day. I don't think it should become a debate between Christians. We should not get into the debate on who's right or who's wrong based on how you interpret the scriptures. What matters really is when you get before God and HE judges YOU on the choices you made while here on earth. I may not agree with someone else's choices, but they're their choices to make and God will judge them for it.

So Carole, if you want to drink wine then go for it girl!! It's your choice to make...love ya
Anonymous said…
Very good post, keri. I am mostly impressed with the fact that you know how to use your "there's". Most people blunder there.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Karen, my stepdad would be proud.He's forever correcting my grammar..what can I say?? I was born and raised here..it's a Gonzales thang
Anonymous said…
Nice take on a sensitive topic. For an extensive analysis of the topic and categorization of all 247 references to wine and strong drink in the Bible, check out this article. - Daniel Whitfield

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