We are still Roaming the Eastern Part of America...

ok, so far we stopped in North Mississippi to visit Wade and Family, drove through Tennessee and Kentucky. Stayed in Ohio, drove through both Virginia's to get to North Carolina where we visited my step dad (he is building a mountain top stone covered house for him and my mom to retire too, see pics below) and then we drove through South Carolina and Georgia to get to Florida, where we are now.

Enjoy the pictures below, more to come..

We stopped in Keystone Heights Fl. to visit Karen. This is E, Steele and one of the Harvey kids, Isabelle. Steele is holding one of their bunny's.

Now we are in Okeechobee Fl. We went to do Karaokee last night at the Moose Lodge. This is mom looking for a song in the song book.

My sister Donna singing

Me showing you all the Moose Lodge sign. Have you ever been to a Moose Lodge? Everyone is at least 65 there! But we had fun singing.


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