Phone Ediquette

DO NOT call someone and eat in there ear!

Eat Ice in my ear and we are no longer friends!


Do not answer the phone if you are going to say "HUH", "Yea" and act like you have not sense.

AR-TIC-U-LATE! That is the key.

Yes, mam, no mam, hold on please.." Manners matter!

I tell Evangeline, "when you call someone, get to the point , spit it out! If you can't do that don't call."

They need to teach a class on Phone Ediquette cuz' way to many adults and kids
don't have it!

I'm wound up today huh?


Anonymous said…
Amen...couldn't agree more. Great post :-)
Gered Lambert said…
Huh? (smack, smack, smack) You wound up? (crunch, crunch, crunch) Yeah...

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