Obama, my jury is still out on him...

but I have started reading a lot by and about him lately.

People find it hard to believe when I tell them that biracial babies are considered hard to place because neither black nor white families want them. When you read stuff like this, you can see what I mean.

What Obama isn't: black like me by Stanley Crouch

I'm just gonna say it; if your willing to adopt, and you are someone who claims to love Jesus, you need to be willing to adopt a bi-racial child or a transracial child. That's my opinion and I just have to say it cuz' that's why I have a blog.


Anonymous said…
He will definitely be a force to be reckoned with in the future. To bad he is so far to the left on so many important issues.
Anonymous said…
I saw him on Oprah. He said all the right things and was so smooth.
That worries me a little. I think Oprah is going to back him. You know when Oprah talks people listen. So, all you republicans better watch out. Love Mom
Anonymous said…
I don't really have an opinion on Obama at this point either. However, I DO AGREE WITH YOU 100% on the issue of biracial babies and adoption. Those sweet, innocent babies are children of God, just like the rest of us. They deserve a safe, loving, and secure home ... just like ALL children. It breaks my heart to think there are people out there who would turn their back on an innocent child for any reason, much less because of the child's skin color.
Anonymous said…
What I don't understand is why you are considered black if you are of mixed race that includes black. Why aren't you the other race or it would be nice if we could all just be human beings. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
what makes it even more complicated in "stereotyping" Obama is that his father isn't your typical "African America" He is African. Will be very interesting how all that plays out even though that should not matter on bit. His liberal policies should be enough to judge him by regardless of his heritage or skin color.

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