Inner City Unit Out Reach Last Saturday

I was the lone Book Clubber at last Saturday's ICU (Inner City Unit). Dean, Evangeline and Steele did the walk to cure Diabetes @ 10am (see more about that on Dean's Blog )
and then Dean brought Evangeline to the Dream Center so she got to help some at the ICU too. She wrote about her experience on her blog.

We started off at the Projects, which is an apartment complex for the very poor. We handed out bags of food, and "lady bags" as I called them because they were full of stuff us ladies REALLY can't do without if you know what I mean. We didn't even have to leave the parking lot, the people saw the HPC truck and came out in droves. We prayed with the people and got information about them and their families for the holidays. I loved every minute of it.

There is so much I would like to tell about the people we met. There is one lady I met at the Alamo Hotel, she has a 17 month old bi-racial baby boy. She lives there and works from her room, I'm sure you know what I mean. I talked to her for a bit and held her son but she would not let me pray with her so I have been praying for her every time I think about her, which is a lot. I look forward to our next visit.

There is another girl who's life I can't even imagine. I don't feel at liberty to say more but again, I look forward to our next visit with her.

These two women touched my heart. Others did too but you know how sometimes you just know God allowed you to meet certain people so He could show you himself through that encounter? If only to pray for them, then I will but I really think it was for much more. Time will tell.

We plan to go help as much as possible down there at the Dream Center. Johnny Green wrote about the Los Angeles Dream Center that him and Pastor Dino got to go visit last week. They have such a great vision for the inner city here in BR and the Turner's are on board!

All the food and stuff was donated by Operation Blessing, which is part of the 700 Club ministry. They have done so much for this area that many don't know about. Same with Joyce Meyer Ministries. They give and give to the needs of poor and you never really hear about it but I got to see it.

Over Thanksgiving week we are gonna be a part of some more great outreaches. I just feel invigorated, thrilled and awed at what God is doing and what he is allowing me to be a part of.


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