Evil in Action

Ok, I am the first one to let politicians be Politicians. When your in office the mud slinging is just part of the job. You get dirty and you throw dirt at others. I am a Republican but so is David Duke. I know full well that just because your of one party or another doesn't make you more or less Godly. I am a Republican because I believe in the right to life very strongly, and many other things they stand for. I know God fearing Democrats too. But yesterday Jimmy Carter and the Reverend Lowery both Democrats stooped to a low beyond anything I have seen before. At the funeral of Coretta Scott King, they both made very pointed comments directed at the president concerning the war and Katrina. The president just smiled. How unbelievably inappropriate, disrespectful and just plain evil. Yes, I'm going that far. That was evil, classless, tacky and wrong all the way around.

Here is the story

I really was so angry when I read the account that I gathered some statistics for you to read. Carter made a comment about Race and Katrina. It has been shown over and over that race was not a factor in this "Act of God"-Hurricane Katrina or the leave breaks. It has been shown that this would happen if a storm of this magnitude hit. But here, read for yourself and see what an idiot Carter is. No wonder he was beaten by Reagan so badly.






danohlerking said…
i heard about this on another blog late last night and commented (ranted and raved, actually) about it there. check it out.

unbelievable crud.
Cajun Tiger said…
Very good synopsis of the real story!!! I've been spreading this info whenever I get the chance.

Another good tidbit that non-LA political types don't know is that Nagin endorsed Jindal, so Nagin and Blanco don't get along at all and she in no way tried to help him look good, quite the opposite. Also all the city officials hate Nagin b/c he was cleaning house of corruption.

I could go on and on!!!