1,000 not 10,000

Everyday there is something Else on the news about how badly the government messed up in response to Katrina. I myself still don't understand the federal response delay. The hurricane happened on Monday morning and the federal response in mass came on Friday. But I don't know if people realize that during that time at least three to five thousand people a day were rescued by local agencies and everyday citizens. You had the coastguard getting people from roof tops and firemen, police and other emergency personnel and hundreds of everyday citizens saving people from flooded houses by boat. Most of the media focused on what was not done, and I know, it was awful to see the people at the Convention Center and the Super Dome who were suffering and waiting but the fact is something worked because if 100,000 people stayed behind and only 1,000 died, people were being rescued way more then the media wants to admit.

There are now tons of articles circulating about the myths which formed after Katrina. The crime was exaggerated, the deaths and the number of people who didn't leave also was. Most who stayed chose too but what if the evacuation really did work? hear me out; 5,000 a day rescued would make 25,000 by Friday and then add the 25 to 30,000 that the government claims to have rescued after Friday, that only makes 50,000 total. You see what I'm saying, they got more out then they thought, less died then they thought and the local people did way more then anyone thought. So, be encouraged by that. Only 1,000 deaths so far are attributed to Katrina and that is a lot, I'm in no way trying to down play the loss of life but it's way less then it would be if not for the amazing rescue efforts by local emergency agencies and everyday people had not taken place like it did. and from what I hear they don't expect to find many more dead because they have gone into most area by now. So unless the officials are all lying they're was a lot of saving lives and rescuing going on.