The Best of MC Vangie At Cats Meow Bourbon Street New Orleans

One of Evangeline's fans who lives in Europe or Switzerland or somewhere like that, made this compilation of her and posted it to twitter last year but she just now sent it to me and it brought me to tears! Even if you only have five minutes, listen to her at least sing Back to Black, it's at about a minute or so in. AMAZING!! 

I wish she would try out for American Idol or something. She's so talented.

She's been having a lot of health issues lately, her eyes are not getting better and she's having trouble with her hands and feet too now but that doesn't stop her from working full time as a waiters and longing for the day she can get back to doing what she loves; being onstage, singing, entertaining, hyping people up and helping everyone have a good time.


For now, click on the SoundCloud and let MC Vangie lead you into a good time..

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