Grace Islands in The Sea of 2018

In the middle of the storm, Donna and mom came to visit for Jaime and Trampus' annual Halloween Party that Dean and I always go to. This year's theme was Tim Burton and we went all out. We pregamed at Olive or Twist and shot a Geek Parlor in full costume! The laughter, the escape was good for my soul.

Stuck in California over Thanksgiving for two weeks sad, alone, uncertain, with minimal money but God was well ahead of me. Candice now lives in Fresno with her new man and his kids, Mom and Gary had long since planned to be there for a week. So to save money, when I didn't have to be in Long Beach I drove to Candice's house in Fresno and got to be surrounded by people I love. It was WONDERFUL! Every second of it. I will never forget how God perfectly planned everything and how kind, gracious and full of love the Trout house was to me.
Hotel Royal in downtown Long Beach California where I spent a total of 5 days. I loved everything about this small mid century hotel. From the windows that opened to let in the sounds of the city and the crisp California air, the hard wood floors and exposed brick wall in my room to the always friendly front desk attendants and the morning guy who played the Barry White Spotify channel while we ate breakfast. I could not have self tailored a more perfect hotel experience.
Driving the mountains of California, listening to my 70's playlist, being brought to tears by the beauty of it all, pulling over to be in the moment and feeling overwhelmed by how small I am and yet how perfectly placed everything was, even Simon and Garfunkle's America playing on the car stereo.
And then there it was, the dream, and Airsteam right in front of me. It was like God was saying, "this isn't the end, hold on to your dreams, I see you." and Bruce Springsteen sang Born to Run while I wept.
Taking Abel for his first non-treatment center-outing after 40 days in treatment and going to watch this movie together because a love of music is one thing we share. Then afterward him asking to listen to Queen in the car on the way back to the treatment center and us talking about Freddy Mercury's life, Queen, their music and this amazing movie. It was such a special night. I'll always be thankful that the Bohemian Rhapsody movie came out when it did for this very reason.

I've watched all four of Dave Chappelle's stand-up specials on Netflix several times this year. They are deep, hilarious, profound perfection.

All the visits with my great niece's and nephew, the innocence and their sweet love is grace personified.

2 miles at 5:30am, walking, jogging (when my knee isn't acting up) with Dumas. Arriving back home to Bella waiting for us. This time each morning was literally fuel for the rest of my day.

He's not an activist by any stretch but my Steele found himself walking arm in arm with the youth across American demanding gun reform and it made this mother so proud and happy to walk along side him that day.
The many trips we made to New Orleans to watch Evangeline MC at Cats Meow and to do Karoke. So proud of her using her talent as a performer to entertain the people of Bourbon Street.
Experiencing Father John Misty in concert with Jaime Wagoner was medicine, it was also intoxicating, and other worldly and just way beyond anything I could have every imagined. The best concert I've ever been to and I've experience the full Fleetwood Mac!
Bar tending all those LSU games with these two, wow, what a treat! So much fun! Lord those Jamison shots! Such an escape and we was making that cheese!! Geaux Tigers!!

The Geek Parlors were all just a joy to do. I love having discussions about pop culture, politics, fashion, food, whatever and I especially love that I got to do them with beautiful people who bring light and grace into any environment they enter.

I ugly wept with Antony, laughed with Johnathan, said AMEN a hundred times at least and left every episode feeling better about life and people and the world. I found so much joy, love, unity and a real sweetness in this beautiful show. It's what the world needs right now, it's what I needed this year. I am so thankful for the Fab 5!
And the year started off with a dream coming true, Dean got me tickets to see katy Perry and I got to go with Esther!
Those were some of the Grace Islands that got me through 2018. Glad it's over. I will leave this shit year a stronger woman only by the grace of God, grace he showed many times through his beautiful people and his magestic creation.

All is not lost.

Much love and Grace to you all.


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