California Week Two

I've been in California for 12 days now. I'm back in Fresno at my niece's house. My mom and Gary are here too visiting, they came to my niece's for Thanksgiving.

We finally have a release date for Abel, we will fly home Thursday.

I went back to Long Beach Wednesday and was able to take Abel to see Bohemian Rhapsody, we both loved it. Love of music is something we share. I spent Thanksgiving with him. Before we ate we played pool, I watched him make sweet potato casserole and I beat him in an eternal game of checkers. Chatting with the other parents, the counselors and the 4 other boys that are there was nice. We had a good visit and the food was wonderful.

Being in California has consisted of me staying in Fresno, Long Beach, San Fransisco and driving all over. I've taken different routes each way so I can see different landscape.
I dream of driving the country just like those people! I love Airstreams!

One day we (me, mom, Gary, Candice and her kids) went to Monterey for the day and ate some great seafood, saw a sea lion and were entertained by an adorable Otter in the water right outside the restaurant. Another day we did Karaoke and I left early because I had to get up at 6am to drive to Long Beach and after I left my niece got engaged! Her boyfriend proposed right there at the karaoke mic after he sang You're Gonna Love Me. They met through the Karaoke ap, Smule, so it was fitting. I'm so happy for her and her kids and his kids, they are making a great family.

When I drove back to Long Beach I cut across to the coast on HWY 46 to Cambria so I could drive through more mountains and along beaches. It added two hours to my trip but it was worth it. I had the white knuckle grip on the steering wheel though because it was so scary for this girl from the flat lands to drive winding mountain roads. Scary, invigorating and breathtakingly beautiful.

When I drove from Long Beach to San Fransisco though I went through a section of super dark interstate where I couldn't see the lines due to the haze created from the rain, night and smoke- another white knuckle segment, this one I hated.

My travels have been set to the perfect music, mostly my iTunes 70's Playlist. Simon and Garfunkel's America, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Mrs. Robinson, The Boss's Born to Run, which is one of the few Bruce Springsteen songs I like, Billy Joel, Pure Prairie League's Aimee, of course the Eagles, lots of Eagles, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Jimmy Buffet, Queen and Elton.

The ultimate soundtrack of this time in my life though is Led Zeppelin. At the height of things over the summer I'd escape into the world of Sharp Objects on HBO. Every Sunday night I'd turn it on and hang out with Camille (she's the main character) and I felt her feelings as she drove in her junky car with her cracked iPod placed on the dash board, Zeppelin blaring while she contemplated, drank vodka from her water bottle, screamed, cried, and tried to make sense of the insanity. Then the director would throw in a freaky flash back or a alcohol induced hallucination that would scare the shit out of me right before the credits role.

So since then I've been obsessed with Zeppelin and it seems to encapsulate all the feelings I can't feel or don't understand, or can't express. Not so much the lyrics but the sound, they sound like what's inside me I think...maybe.

I'll probably understand all that better looking back on it in the rear view mirror. Right now I'm just trying to get up this winding mountain road, I'm having to white knuckle the steering wheel a lot, I can't go fast like I prefer, it's more often dark and smoke filled and I can't see the lines on the road. And other times it's blowing me away with the beauty I'm seeing and I have to pull over to take it all in.


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