Take a Deep Breath, "What Today?"

I saw the grenade in your hand
But wanted to pretend it wasn't
I could see the storm brewing
Behind your eyes
"Pull the pin"
It started to whisper in the wind
The rain began
"Ah the familiar
Yes, I'm comfortable here"
Wash away the pain
Let it rain
It's where I hide
Leaves fell soaked to the ground
A branch fell without a sound
The wind picked up
Debris started to lift
It's time
Toss the grenade
Stand in the tornado

"They don't understand
YoungBoy does
We share pain"
The rain
Falling hard
behind the veil
That covers well
"The window to the soul? hah!
They don't see
They don't understand"
But I'm just guessing
Are these your thoughts?
Is this what it's like
The storm inside?
I don't really know
I only know I can't reach you
I can't stop you
And the Demon Dragon flies are killing you

Living in devastation
Has taken it's toll on us all
In this devastation
I try to breath
Never before has there been such sadness
Like a heavy cloak
We all wear it
Pull into the driveway
Take a deep breath, "what today?"

I wish...
So much my sweet boy
Where are you?
Are you gone forever?
Don't you see the Demon Dragon flies
Survive your grenades?
Survive the tornado
Thrive behind the veil
Where you hide so well

This mom loves you
I'm fighting for you
But I can't breathe
You can't breathe
I'm sorry
You can't see
This love is free
We are your family
One day you will know how hard we tried
God knows I tried
Will always try
Let them help you
Kill your Demon Dragon flies

Carole Tuner 10-4-18


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