Children be Damned, This is Trump's America!

Artist, Erik Ravelo
So how do we get the 2000 plus kids back to their parents that were kidnapped and sent all over America by the fucking Trump administration? I will donate, I will march, whatever. This terrorist regime took hostage children as young as nursing infants but the ransom demand didn’t pan out so instead of returning the hostages they said “we just won’t take anymore hostages for now” what a really great Christian leader he is. ICHABOD! The lord has surely departed. Oh and if you think “Well those children can be adopted by Christian American families now and they will be better off.” Repent right now of that evil bullshit! That is white supremacy! That is wrong, wrong, wrong! They belong with the parents who risk everything to bring them to America thinking it was still a place of opportunity, a Christian nation! Ha! We showed them didn’t we? It’s "summer camp" here for the government to take your kids and put them away from you in chain linked enclosures with only two hours a day outside, at least Laura Ingram calls it Summer Camp. No, it’s not jail if your parents crossed the border illegally YOU go to Chain Link Summer camp! I’m so disgusted. And I tell you something else, I along with many others will not rest come the midterms, the 2019 elections here in Louisiana or the 2020 presidential election. That authoritarian-dictator loving-sexual assaulter-crook in chief will be gone along with all the vermin who infest his congressional and cabinet swamp with him!
The reckoning is here!


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